Letter to the Editors

To the Editor:


Due to some particularily boorish behavior by her former “boyfriend” and the opinions of several “guy friends” Alex Parker has concluded that men in general it would seem, desire a wife who is a “perfect housewife and mother.” To Parker, this means that men want a stay at home wife who cook, cleans, and takes care of the children. She thinks such an idea is “primitive…and quite unrealistic.” However, one wonders how many children who grew up with a stay at home instead of being shipped off to daycare every morning found the experience either archaic or barbaric. It is also unclear how such an undertaking is, in any way, “unrealistic.”


Does Parker mean to say there has never been a ‘real’ stay at home mom? Or, perhaps she is saying that for a woman to stay at home to raise children is so difficult as to be impossible to achieve in reality?

The thought that men assist with childrearing in any way is inconcievable to Parker. Indeed, men are slothful, presumptuous creatures who expect “to come home from work and [find] dinner ready, kick their shoes off, open a beer, and watch t.v.”


Apparently, for Parker, applying the June Cleaver stereotype of a “perfect housewife and mother” to women is unrealistic while applying the Homer Simpson one to men is fair game.


Peter Collorafi


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