Meet Your 2013 SGA President: Dan Potenzieri

Alex Parker Editor-in-Chief



Dan Potenzieri is a junior Political Science major who came to Post last year from Portland, Oregon. He is a Marine Corps. Veteran. Potenzieri is currently the Parliamentarian and SGA Food Committee Chairperson. He is also a Resident Assistant in Riggs Hall and the vice president of the Veteran Students United.

TP: What was your first reaction when you found out you had won SGA President?

DP: “Relieved. I was relieved that the campaign was over and was happy to focus more on SGA.”

TP: What’s the first thing you plan to do as president?

DP: “I think over the summer I’m going to meet with the administrators and put together a good plan for SGA moving forward into next year.”

TP: What made you decide to run for SGA President?

DP: “I felt that I could make a positive impact on the campus community and continue

to build upon some of the ambitious ideas that SGA has come up with this year.”

TP: If you could only accomplish one thing next year, what would it be?

DP: “I would make campus wide Wi-Fi a possibility. I think it is one of the most important things, academically, that we need and just overall community environment.”

TP: Why do think you were able to win since you have only been here for one year?

DP: “I really hit the ground running making new friends and networking. My work ethic and my accessibility made students feel confi- dent voting for me.”

TP: Currently, you are on the food committee. Do you plan to keep up your work with that work?

DP: “As the president, I would oversee all of the committees within SGA and I really want to build upon the successes of this year’s com- mittee chairs.”

TP: Other than Wi-Fi, what are some of the other bigger initiatives that you are planning for next year?

DP: “I really want to get a food option available on south campus. I also want to put together plans for some of the bigger projects like a lounge on the residential side of campus or remodeling the current lounges within the residence halls. “


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