No Time to Explain

Freddie Schwartz Staff Writer

No Time to Explain, a two-dimensional puzzle platformer released on January 25, is a game that caught my attention on the greenlight section of Steam. Prior to this, I remember seeing a smaller free version on Newgrounds, a website dedicated to indie game developers, animators, musicians and artists. The development team, tinybuild Games, raised enough money and support to create the full version of No Time to Explain.

The game is simplistic but a lot of fun and somewhat unexpected. To start the game, the player’s character is at home and its future self crash- es through the window saying, “I’m you from the future. There is no time to explain.” Then, a giant mutated crab monster captures the future self. He drops his laser gun, which the player uses to catapult themselves over large distances and destroy blocks.

I stared at my computer screen in awe and laughing at how brilliant and crazy No Time to Explain is. I really enjoyed this game. Even though it is short, it is fun. There are silly collectables, such as hats the character can wear and collect. I do wish it was a bit longer and the controls can be a bit awkward at times, but that is part of the chal- lenge. The graphics are very simple, clearly staying true to the online flash game it was originally.

Overall, the game is funny, easy to play, a decent challenge and relatively inexpensive. It is only $10 on Steam. Flashing back and forth in time with no explanation is an interesting and cool concept. Try the game and see for yourself. I give No Time to Explain a 7/10.


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