Karaoke Night

By Chihiro Kusazaki
Staff Writer

The International Students Union (ISU) hosted a Karaoke Night at The End Zone, in Hillwood Commons, on Tuesday, March

Approximately 30 people attended the 8 p.m. event. A majority of the participants were Post international students, singing in their own language. The event aimed to promote world culture and unity, with music as a way to connect people from different countries. This year marks the first time the event was held, but more are considered for the future, according to Alanna Hynes-Gur, vice president of ISU.

Lei Zhang, a graduate Accounting major, sang a popular Chinese song called “Zuo Bien” by the female singer Duong Thau. “I chose ‘Zuo Bien’ because it is very popular among the Chinese,” said Zhang. “I was the first one to sing, so I also wanted to cheer up everyone by singing a popular song.” The song means “Left Side” in Chinese. According to Zhang, the song is about how the heart is on the left side of the body, and how girls try not to let boys hear their heart beats. It is a soft and slow love song.

Other students sang songs from other countries. Kevin O’Lear, a sophomore Broadcasting major, sung his favorite Japanese song “Pon Pon Pon” by Krary Pamyu Pamyu, with another student from Japan. O’Lear found the song on the blogging site, Tumblr. Alexander Benjamin Conley, a freshman Music major, sang a song by Stevie Wonder. “I sang [Wonder’s] ‘I Just Called to Say I Love You’ because I really love Stevie and it’s such a nice song,” Conley said.

ISU made use of The End Zone by utilizing the elevated stage, big televisions, and microphones. Students who were eating dinner at The End Zone also joined in on the karaoke. The event was a way for American and international students to get to know each other in a fun setting.


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