Out Loud: The First Year Showcase

Mike Themistoceleous
Staff Writer

On April 11, 12, and 13, the Post Theater Company premiered their new production, “Out Loud: The First Year Showcase,” at the Little Theater Main Stage. In the production, first-year theatre majors at Post were able to demonstrate their skills – and boy, did they impress.

To start off, there were obviously flaws. No production is perfect. Some scenes either dragged on, had a lack of direction, weak characters and writing, and surprisingly shaky acting. However, the positives were able to rip through to make the production as a whole, great.

LIU Post has some ridiculous talent. One shining star, Emily Locklear, gave the best performance of the show, with a dark tale about the redundant and depressing world. It was absolutely beautiful: the haunting, powerful, and all-out performance given. She has a talent that might not be topped, and she most definitely will be on stage accepting an award some day. Along with Emily, other great performances included Emily Ann Banks, Michael Luka, Victoria Giambalvo, and Max Radel.

In terms of scenes, there were some that seemed to just be fillers, including the finale, which was an “artsy” tale of empowerment, and having a voice that had the full company. However, there was a great mix of comedy and drama. The highlight was Just Another Day from the musical, “Next to Normal.” It had such a powerful presence and was goose bump-worthy.

Actors Olivia Lodge and Robbie McGrath proved to have great timing, which is the key to comedy. They give a great laugh and truly make their characters their own, especially Lodge who has a very strong stage presence.

It’s amazing how one show can demonstrate what an incredible group of actors we have on campus. This show was something not to miss out on, and with these actors present on campus, future shows will be brilliant. A single show has never been so pleasing.

There is one complaint though – tuition at Post is quite, quite expensive and the lack of microphones for the showcase was unacceptable. How are we not able to afford essential equipment for this department? 


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  1. The choice not to use microphones is, actually, a choice made by the department. It teaches our students to project; as the cast of this production were all freshmen, perhaps not all of them have learned this lesson. Out in the real world, a lot of theatre is done without microphones. By forgoing this luxury, we learn a valuable lesson in using our voices properly.

    You’re right; tuition is high. But I would ask you to look at the budget of the Theatre,Film and Dance departments. We struggle to get by on what money we are allotted. Microphones are not what we need to spend money on.

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