Is Tuition Too Expensive?

By Julian Wilson
Staff Writer

Is getting a college degree worth the amount that it costs? With the current conditions of the economy, and jobs requiring denser skill sets, is the price of a college tuition affordable or is there an underlying problem with it?

In an article, “Debt by Degrees” by James Surowiecki, published on The New Yorker’s website, he states, “The piles of student loans are due largely to the fact that the cost of a college degree has been going up much faster than people’s incomes.”

LIU Post students sounded off concerning the topic of tuition prices, and gave ideas as to where the money should be spent in order to help better the school.

Freshman Broadcasting major Brittany Mitchell said, ”I think that the tuition is a bit too high because sometimes it is hard to see where the money is actually going.” In her opinion, an ideal tuition should be somewhere around ”$22,000,” an amount Mitchell referred to as ”plausible.”

”There are definitely some areas that need improvement,” Mitchell added. ”As a resident, I would say the dorms need a lot of renovations.”

Freshman Broadcasting major Samantha Negron agrees with Mitchell’s notion that the tuition of LIU Post is not an ideal number.

”The tuition is too high because myself, as well as others, struggle to pay tuition. For me, an ideal tuition for LIU Post would probably be between $20,000 to $25,000, because it would be more affordable,” she said.

Negron was asked if she believed she was getting her money’s worth out of college, specifically at LIU Post. ”In the long run, yes. Essentially, you are fulfilling your degree requirements that set you apart from other qualified degree recipients,” Negron said.

In terms of where she would like to see her money spent, Negron stated, ”Better facilities because the interior needs work.”

Senior Public Relations major Devan Farrell desires a change in the price of tuition as well. ”I think the tuition is way too expensive when we don’t even have smart boards in each class room. I think tuition for Post should be around $10,000 a semester,” Farrell said.

For possible suggestions to the university, Farrell stated, ”I think the actual classrooms could be better. Also 24-hour dining like they have at other universities.”

Tuition is rising, and for some universities like LIU Post, students would like to see changes in the future to help benefit their overall college experience. Changes may not happen overnight, but it is important to remember that making suggestions may help along the way.


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  1. There is no bang for the buck anymore. I feel like there are some changes that need to be started with salaries. With the school struggling the way it is first there should be NO EMPLOYEE including the president making over $200,000 a year. Something else we can look at is the types of classes that are required to take, such as classes that are not helping probably 90% of the majors. I’m sorry English Lit is only nescecary for English majors and the like. A science major although, needs to write proficiently (ie. Eng Comp), they do not need to know Chancer or such. Cutting down the unnessicary class can cut faculty and furthermore save in cost for the school. It almost feels like universities keeps students in schools to make more money. If you want to require the same amount of classroom time, at least let it be more time spent in their major. Now for a political rant, America pays a decent amount in taxes and we don’t receive much direct benifit from it. Take European countries. They may pay higher taxes then we do, but at least they get amenities like reduced to free tuition. That means education is contingent on merit and not what you can afford. Doesn’t that sound like a good thing. In layman terms what school you go to is based on IQ and classroom works and not your bank account. I don’t know call me a “crazy liberal”, but merit should only be based on WORKS and NOTHING else.

    Thanks for reading 🙂

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