Crime Blotter

Compiled by Brian Riley
Assistant News Editor

This is the first installment of The Pioneer’s monthly crime blotter. All of the information is from the logs that are available to the public at the Office of Public Safety.

• On Wednesday, Jan. 14, a student who was suspected of intoxication was transported to Glen Cove Hospital for further evaluation.

• On Thursday, Jan. 15, marijuana was confiscated at Brookville Hall after a complaint from a nearby resident.

• On Saturday, Jan. 17, a Post Hall resident hit the emergency sprinkler head inside of his room with a lacrosse ball. The sprinkler head showered for several minutes, and caused flooding in the west wing of the building.

• On Monday, Jan. 19, a Public Safety officer was called to Nassau Hall for a suspected intoxicated student in the bathroom. The student claimed her stress was causing her behavior. She was later taken off campus by a family member.

• On Thursday, Jan. 22, a PlayStation 3 was reported missing from the Hillwood Commons game room. The PlayStation 3 was last seen days before winter break.

• On Saturday, Jan. 24, a student was found vomiting and intoxicated in the ladies room of Winnick Dining Hall. She was incoherent and combative, and was later taken to Glen Cove Hospital.


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