Spring Break On Campus

By Kristen Linsalata
News Editor

From March 9-15, LIU Post students will be on spring break. For some, it is a time to either go home, or go on vacation. Other students will be staying in the dorms. What will be open for them on campus? And what will be closed?

The Campus Life staff, including all resident assistants, is working throughout the week. Also, all student services departments will remain open during regular business hours, according to Michael Berthel, Director of Campus Life.

Here is a breakdown of other hours:

Dining Hours (March 7 to March 14)
Winnick Hall – Closed

Hillwood Commons Café – Open Saturday, March 7, to Saturday, March 14
8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Monday, March 9 to Friday, March 13
8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

All other food service facilities will be closed for spring break.

Pratt Hours:

Saturday, March 7 – 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Sunday, March 8 – 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Monday, March 9 to Friday, March 13 – 7 a.m.- 7 p.m. Saturday, March 14 – 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Sunday, March 15- 10 a.m.-9 p.m.

Athletic Games

LIU Post is hosting our Conference Basketball Championships during the break. We won’t know if our teams will be in these games or what time they would be playing until after their quarterfinal games on March 4, according to Berthel.

Saturday, March 7 – ECC Semifinal games (men and women) at Pratt noon – Women
2:30 p.m. – Women
5 p.m. – Men
7:30 p.m. – Men

Sunday, March 8 – ECC Championship (men and women) at Pratt noon – Women
2:30 p.m. – Men

Some students feel that the limited food-related options during the break are problematic. “It stinks for students on campus who can’t go home, and don’t have a car,” said Jessica Rashbaum, a junior Digital Arts and Design major. “[Hillwood Commons Café] closes at 6 p.m., and Winnick is closed. Students who are staying on campus without a car will have to spend a lot of money on [food] delivery all week long.”

“I didn’t know that Winnick wasn’t going to be open [during spring break],” said Megan Draghi, a junior Childhood Education major. “[Hillwood Café] is going to be open, but it’s a bit of walk, and it’s pretty cold outside.”

“Aramark has extended the hours of Hillwood Cafe to remain open until 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, during spring break. They indicate a variety of grab and go options available for students,” said Abagail Van Vlerah, Dean of Students.


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