Being Home

By Harry Pearse
Staff Writer

IMG_0060 (1)

Harry’s friends, Alfred and Seb, in Tennessee at a festival

Since I arrived back home in England when the spring semester ended in May, I can’t stop reminiscing about my amazing, immense, and culturally inspirational first year in America! Yes, it’s great to see my family and friends, but nothing has really changed, compared to being on Long Island, where every day during my first year as a student at LIU Post had something different to offer…whether it was a trip to Manhattan or an essay to get stuck into!

Many of my friends from Long Island have ventured to other places this summer; other places in New York or elsewhere in America, even some to Europe. These adventures vary from holidays, study trips or just for exploration.

The Pioneer’s own editor-in- chief, Maxime Devillaz, has flown to Tanzania with a group of LIU Post students and professor to be a volunteer there for the summer. How heroic is that? Two other close friends, Seb Baxter, graduate student, and Alfred Lindberg, junior, have travelled down to Tennessee to volunteer and go to a festival, which I am extremely jealous of. As I watch their Snapchats, all I can do is look outside and admire the temperamental weather England is so good at providing. Which one would you pick?!

After a long couple of semesters, when you’re home you have to completely unwind and relax. This will help immensely with destressing from finals and all the other stressors you experienced! Obviously family time is so important, and although you may have a girls or lads holiday, or go and visit friends from different places, you have to make sure you accommodate your parents’ needs, of loving, spoiling and spending time with their children. Even though we are adults now and we have flown from the nest, it’s refreshing and good to spend some good quality time with the people who have molded us into the beautiful, partying and rebelling degenerates that we are! Lay down your rebelling arms and become those innocent, cute toddlers we used to be. After all, our parents must have missed us a lot when we have been away!

One thing I’ve found a little tough is from going from living by myself and not having the obligation to speak to my dad about what I’m doing and how it was, and the other 21 bloody questions, to now having to let him know what’s happening. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand that his interest is just because he cares! It’s just a change from one to the other, but as I said above, we all have to appreciate our parents for the short time we are back!

And lastly, one of the best parts about being back home, is being able to see all your old BFFLs #besties! Especially for me, when I haven’t seen them for months on end, spending time with the people that know me the best, is refreshing at the least! And catching up with some of the memories they have created as a group while you have been gone is great to listen to!

After having such a great and exciting summer, which many of you might have experienced, this 2015, we need to begin to think about how we can prepare for the upcoming fall, and what we need to do to prepare for a long academic run, until Christmas. This includes refreshing and recuperating our thinking minds, so we can begin to train our brains to start reciting; the dates of the end of world war one, or the theory of relativity, maybe even the stimulating word number thing of algebra!?


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