Letter to the Editor

From the WCWP Alumni Chapter: I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful article about our 50th anniversary celebration at WCWP. It was a pleasure meeting both Alyssa Seidman and Tia-Moná Greene. They took the time to… Read More ›

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor: Regarding “Fire Alarms Disrupt Classes” posted on Feb. 24, 2015, we would like to clarify that on Feb. 4, the Life Sciences building’s heat and thermal detectors were triggered causing the first alarm. There was no fire and… Read More ›

Editors’ Note

Dear Readers, Due to the onset of Snowstorm Juno, The Pioneer has opted out of publishing a print version for our first issue. Instead, we’ve published an abbreviated, online-only issue this week to keep the campus community informed despite the… Read More ›

Letter to the Editors

Dear Editor, We commend the Long Island University Post Equestrian team for working to bring awareness to the important issue of horse slaughter (“Equestrian Team Gives Back,” Sept. 30). Horses are our companions and partners in work and sport, and… Read More ›